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Thank you for your interest in our community. Our Village administration and Chamber have worked diligently for some time in our joint venture to grow our assets while preserving the gems in our community. We stand ready and willing to help you in moving here or relocating your business to Jefferson.

We offer a safe environment in which you, your employees and families can live and work. Our schools rate at the top in our county and we are also building new ones. Training for your employees and higher education for them and your children are available at the County Joint Vocation School in Jefferson and the Ashtabula Branch of Kent State University. Our location offers easy access for your business to highway, train and boat transportation for receipt of raw materials and shipment to your customers. We are located in the center hub of Cleveland-Akron-Canton to the west, Youngstown-Warren-Pittsburgh to the south, and Meadville-Erie to the east, near the south shore of Lake Erie, in northeast Ohio.

We have a vintage train, historic depot, world’s only perambulator museum, and historical society; yet we have high speed internet and access to all of modern technology with infrastructure and support networks to relocate and grow your business here. At the same time, we offer quality of life and diverse recreational opportunities for all seasons within and in close proximity to our little Village. We are only 45 to 60 minutes from major sporting events, world renown orchestras, theatres and international airports….and this is why we believe we offer the best of both worlds here.

We hope you will make time to visit us in person. Please call or visit our web page for contact information or if you need our assistance in providing additional literature, directions, or contact information of a specific business or agency. With advance notice, we can arrange for a personal tour to specific sites or help you set up a meeting with local development personnel.

We are a friendly community and would like to have the opportunity to welcome you to historic and progressive Jefferson, Ohio.


Mayor of Jefferson, Judy Maloney                                     President of Jefferson Chamber, Pat Bradek