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Jefferson Village: In the heart of Ashtabula County

Jefferson Village is conveniently located in the Center of Ashtabula County. State routes 46, 167 and 307 come together within the Jefferson Village limits, giving residents easy access, to the rest of the county and northeast Ohio.

These state roads lead to Interstate 90 only a few miles away, and give Jefferson Village three nearby connections to nearby State Route 11 - and both these major Roads offer easy East-West/North-South travel from Jefferson.

While these roads make it convenient for residents who live in Jefferson, but work outside the village limits, they also provide easy access for business and industry - whether it's deliveries into or shipments from the area.

Railway lines north and south into Jefferson provide additional means of shipping, and State Route 11 offers convenient connection to deep-water ports on Lake Erie.

Jefferson Village is less than five miles from Ashtabula County Airport, which has the fifth longest airport runway in the state.

While these major state roads, make it convenient for residents, the village provides a variety of services and opportunities that keep a high quality of life.

Jefferson Village provides full-time police and emergency protection through the Jefferson Police Department and Jefferson Emergency Rescue District. The Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department provides fire protection.

Water and sewer service are of course provided, but Jefferson village also offers curbside seasonal brush and leaf pickup, and snowplows sidewalks after moderate winter snows.

Sidewalks line all major roads and most residential streets in the village, giving residents foot access to businesses, or just a place to exercise themselves or their pets.

Other recreational opportunities are provided through the Jefferson Community Recreation Center and area parks. The community center offers a variety of classes throughout the year, as well as fitness center, preschool, and community meeting space.

There are several parks and village greens, but the village continues to improve this space with future plans for pavilions, walking trails and more planned for the park new Rush Creek.

Other recreational opportunities are provided by local softball and baseball fields, as well as nearby access to the Western Reserve Greenway Trail, several miles west of Jefferson.

The Ashtabula County Fairgrounds are also located in Jefferson, providing annual entertainment and fun, as well as additional meeting or event space within the Village.

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Quality of Life
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Village Services
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Business Strengths
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