Village Ordinances

Special zoning for downtown Jefferson

The Old Town Zoning District runs from the Gazette Printing plant on West Jefferson Street to the Fire Hall on East Jefferson Street and from the intersection of Walnut and Chestnut Streets to the intersection of Satin and Chestnut Streets.

Village Administrator Terry Finger said a law was passed in 1976 that prohibited the use of the second floors for residential living. The law also said houses on Chestnut and Jefferson could be used for either residential or commercial uses but not both.

The new Old Town District Zoning would allow business to use their second floors for residential apartments and houses along the streets could now be used for both commercial and residential use.

Mayor Larry Bragga said property owners would still have to meet building codes if they decided to put in apartments.

Finger said the new zoning law was similar to one used in the Warehouse District in Cleveland. The zoning in the Warehouse District also allows residential apartments on the second floor of businesses.

The change in zoning in the Warehouse District brought more people downtown to shop and live, said Finger. The same could happen in Jefferson with the new Old Town District Zoning.

“There is no down side to this ordinance,” said Finger.

The Parks District officially designates the Rush Creek property or Village Park as a park district. The park is located on East Jefferson across the street from Memorial Field.

Finger said the new park zoning would limit what can be built at the site to picnic areas and gazeboes.

It will also help the village by cutting the amount of the property tax the village pays on the land and open up possibilities for grants and loans to improve the area.