Income Tax

The Village of Jefferson has a mandatory tax filing for all residents 18 years or older regardless of income and imposes a 1.5% income tax rate. The income tax revenue is split into three funds. The first fund is the General Fund which funds the general day to day operations for the cost of running the village. The second fund is our Safety Fund which funds our police and fire departments to keep the village a safe place to raise a family. And the third fund is Capital Improvements which is used to improve our village to keep its historical beauty and growth of a small town.

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REMINDER: New for 2016 and current Income Tax Returns the 1040 must be included with filings for all individuals.

Credit Card Payments Now Available

As part of our commitment to provide citizens with efficient convenient service. The Village of Jefferson has partnered with Official Payments to offer payment of Income Taxes over the internet at or by telephone by calling 1-800-272-9829, or walk-in.

Official Payments Corp. is not a branch, office or department of the Village of Jefferson.

Official Payments Corp. is a third party vendor, operating as a Service Bureau on behalf of the Village of Jefferson Income Tax Department.

Official Payment Corp. will provide credit card transaction services on behalf of those wishing to pay taxes using a credit card Official Payments Corp. will charge a convenience fee for each credit card transaction enacted.

Official Payments will charge 2.8% with a minimum of $3.95 for payments made with credit cards; and $3.95 for Visa Debit; $3.95 fee for E-Checks.  (The Village of Jefferson does NOT receive any portion of the service charge)


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Printable Tax Forms

Completion Request Form
Tax Refund Request Form
2020 Tax Return
Penalties and Interest
Tax Return Instructions 2018
2018 Tax Return
2019 Tax Return
House Bill 5
Taxpayers' Rights & Responsibilities
Business Registration Form
Declaration of Estimated Tax
Exemption Certificate for Retirees
Withholding Form

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