Clerk Treasurer

Patricia A. Fisher has previously served as Clerk Treasurer/Tax Administrator/Clerk of Council. She was elected in 1996, and has been elected to serve in office for four terms.

Village of Jefferson - Meeting Minutes


Responsibilities: The treasurer of a municipal corporation shall be elected for a term of four years [and] shall be an elector of the municipal corporation (ORC 733.42). The treasurer of a municipal corporation shall keep an accurate account of: (A) All moneys received by him; (B) All disbursements made by him. In addition to the ordinary duties of such treasurer, he shall have such powers and perform such duties as are required by any ordinance of the municipal corporation, not inconsistent with Title VII of the Revised Code, and not incompatible with the nature of his office (ORC 733.43).

The treasurer of a municipal corporation shall demand and receive, from the county treasurer, taxes levied and assessments made, moneys accruing to the municipal corporation, and debts due the municipal corporation. Such funds shall be disbursed by the treasurer on the order of any person authorized by law or ordinance to issue orders there for (ORC 733.44). The treasurer of a municipal corporation shall receive and disburse all funds of the municipal corporation and such other funds as arise in or belong to any department or part of the municipal corporation (ORC 733.46).

Tax Administrator

PURPOSE: To provide funds for the improvement of Municipal facilities and capital improvements of the Village, for the cost of collecting the tax imposed hereby and for the general operating expenses of the Village, and for safety services of the Village, there is hereby levied a tax on income, salaries, wages, commission and other compensation and on net profits at the rate of one and a half percent (1.5%).

Clerk of Council

Responsibilities: The village clerk shall attend all meetings of the legislative authority of the village, and keep a record of its proceedings and of all rules, bylaws, resolutions, and ordinances passed or adopted, which shall be subject to the inspection of all persons interested.